Ground Safety Team

The Denver Ground Safety Office is located on ramp level, around the corner from the Scheduling Office.  Look for the “Ramp Safety” sign above the door.

Phone:  303.348.4023

Safety Advocates:


Ground Safety Action Program (GSAP)

Do you have a safety concern?  Are you aware of any safety hazards at your workplace?  Have you experienced a near-miss?  Would you like to self-disclose an inadvertent violation of company policy?

The Ground Safety Team wants to know what happened and why it happened so we can prevent it from happening again.

We encourage you to submit a GSAP report as soon as possible!

To submit an electronic report, please visit, then:

  • Sign on with your Flying Together user name and password;
  • On the GSAP Home Page, locate “My Applications” and click on
    “Safety Reports”;
  • From the main menu, go to the “New Documents” tap and select
    GSAP Report Draft to open a new report.

If our website is not available, please call the GSAP Hotline:  1.844.280.ASAP (2727)

Thank you and remember, Work Safe!

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