“At the core, labor unions (we) are working men and women, unified as one force. Despite any personal differences that may exist between us, we have banded together to protect and improve the lives of workers. We rise up together for the greater good. We defend one another like family.”  SUE CARNEY, “We’re Not a Fee-for-Service Organization”, The American Postal Worker, March/April, 2014





2020 is an election year and will be a big fight for labor.

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Mandatory Overtime

Article 4, paragraph 9.a. of your PCE contract states:

“Mandatory overtime is overtime that an employee is assigned and required to work involuntarily, and will only be required in operational emergencies when sufficient voluntary overtime cannot be secured to maintain the Company’s operation.  Mandatory overtime will be limited to the number of employees and hours required to cover the emergency as determined by local management.”

Paragraph 9.b. states:

“Mandatory overtime may not exceed 4 hours past an employee’s scheduled shift in any 24-hour period.  Employees will not be required to work mandatory overtime until the opportunity to work the additional hours has been offered to all qualified employees who are currently at work, and if there are an insufficient number of volunteers, then to otherwise eligible employees who names remain on the overtime call sign up list.”



A reminder to all our union brothers and sisters:

Your Union committee members and shop stewards are here to help and are your first point of contact when confronting an issue with a co-worker(s) or management.  Please first reach out to them with any questions and/or concerns. Do not throw your co-workers “under the bus.”  Additionally, if you are involved in an investigation, tell the truth and make it short, factual, and don’t volunteer any information.

You will find your Committee member’s phone numbers for your airline under the “Grievance Committee” tab on this website.