“To be free, the workers must have choice. To have choice they must retain in their own hands the right to determine under what conditions they will work.”

– Samuel Gompers



Post Notice

dated June 8, 2021


As recommended by 1886 Local Lodge E-board, this is a notice to spend
more than $500 but not to exceed $100,000 on the repair/replacement
of the roof and gutters of Local Lodge 1886
located at 5621 Bowen Court, Commerce City, CO  80022.


A motion was made to spend more than $500 to pay all Local Lodge Committee members
that were not paid accordingly for the period of March 2020 through February 2021.


A motion was made to spend more than $500 to pay all shop stewards
for the period of March 2020 through February 2021 that were
unable to attend regular and shop steward meetings during
that time, excluding any time spent on COLA.  Shop Steward must have
been steward during that time frame and must currently be active stewards.


These motions will be voted on by the members at the next Local Lodge meeting on June 16, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.



From an Imail dated June 3, 2021:

Machinists Union Postpones 40th Grand Lodge Convention to 2022

The IAM Executive Council has voted unanimously to postpone the 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention, previously scheduled for September 12-17, 2021 in San Diego. The IAM will immediately begin planning for a 2022 Convention and communicate details as soon as possible.

A letter will be sent to Local Lodges soon with further information on delegates and constitutional proposals.

The decision to postpone the Convention was made to protect the safety and health of Convention delegates and guests. Further reasons include:  

  • The IAM’s Canadian delegation would almost certainly be unable to attend the Convention due to current pandemic conditions and restrictions in Canada. Current quarantine requirements for Canadians entering and leaving the United States makes it nearly impossible to seat the Canadian delegation.
  • Holding a virtual Convention is not an appropriate substitute and deprives delegates of essential events held with an in-person Convention. A virtual Convention also does not support our Brothers and Sisters in the airline and railroad sectors.
  • Adequate social distancing will not allow us to physically seat every eligible delegate.   
  • California has suggested that a convention of our size may require everyone to be vaccinated or show a negative test. The financial costs and logistics of testing every delegate and guest would be significant. 

“Even as we start to return to some level of normalcy, this worldwide pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetimes,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “I am incredibly grateful to the Western Territory Host Committee for all they have done and continue to do to plan for a successful Grand Lodge Convention. While this decision was not made lightly, the safety and health of all the delegates and guests must be first and foremost. We will continue to work toward rescheduling the Convention in 2022.”  

“It is unfortunate that the pandemic has prevented us from having a Grand Lodge Convention this year,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary R. Allen. “However, we value first and foremost the safety of our Brothers and Sisters. The Western Territory looks forward to hosting a tremendous Grand Lodge Convention in 2022.”



2021 Annual Guide Dogs of America Golf Tournament


When:  June 25, 2021
Where:  Broadlands Golf Course, 4380 W 144th Ave, Broomfield CO  80023

The golf event is sold out!!  However, you can still support the GDA by purchasing raffle tickets.  The price is $5 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20.

1st prize:  $1000
2nd prize:  55-inch HDTV
3rd prize:  Apple AirPods Pro

Please see Rich Pijanowski, Ken Cardoso, Frank Gagliano,
John Martinez or AGC Rich Robinson for tickets.

Thank you for your support!





To prevent the transmission of COVID-19, all union members must wear masks while at work.  If you see an unmasked co-worker, kindly ask them to wear their mask If you are uncomfortable doing this, please ask a shop steward or the union committee for assistance.  Do not, under any circumstances, go to management.