Ramp Service (CG) Shop Stewards

First and foremost, advocate for yourself.  Know your contract.  Ask questions.  Make a call.

If more help is needed, call your Committee office or find one of your IAM Union Stewards listed below for help.  Your IAM Union representatives are here to help with any situation and are your first point of contact.  Do not call management.

Mezhar Ali
Brandon Anderson
Edwin Argueta
Terry Banks
Cliff Battista
Samuel Beemer
Tim Carriere
Tony Delaria
Michael Doiel
Christopher Erickson
Rene Estrada-Bustillos
Derek Garrimone
Reuben Goodman
Oswaldo Guillen
Scott Hooton
Vernon Hysaw
Paul Illes
Almina Jacklick-Williams
Todd Johnson
Mark Kweller
Brian Lasaine
Robert Lawson
Jule Little
Robel Lopez

Gino Marsella
Michaela Marsella
Maykol Medrano
John Nielsen
Dan Orleans
Scott Pelz
Joe Pfaff
Anthony Rawlins
Dwayne Reed
Austin Rice
Matt Santos
Curtis Seawood
Thomas Silaghy
Jason Sohn
Mark Stavio
Roy St. Hill
Jason Valdez
Julio Vergara
Stefon Waite
Brandon Wendl
Kyle West
Bob White
Kevin Whiting
Khalil Williams