Customer Service (CS) Shop Stewards

First and foremost, advocate for yourself.  Know your contract.  Ask questions.  Make a call.

If more help is needed, call your Committee office or find one of the stewards listed below for help.  Your IAM Union representatives are here to help with any situation and are your first point of contact.  Do not call management.


Denise Akerele
Doug Archuleta
Yvonne Bellendir
Shannon Bernardo
Nebyat Beyenne
Carolyn Breen
Robin Breslar
Eric Brown
Malachia Craft
Yolanda Evans
Katherine Fedorco
Marlon Gibson
Saohm Hattier
Velver Hazard
Andrea Hicks
Pam Holley
Staci Hopkins
Michelle Hurd
Sherry Hutchings

Jill Jones
Bridget Johnson
Tim Johnson
Bettina Kennedy
Tiffany Kerr
Camellia Lewis
Ivory Lewis
Josephine Moll Reyes
Brian Nelson
Meg Ramirez
Joy Rasberry
Leticia Sandoval
Sal Sandoval
Pam Shaw
Ashley Silorio
Corina Silva
Michelle Smith